Materials & Makers

Our Ethical Approach

Consciously Creating

Driven By Responsible Design

Ethically Handmade

We work hard to ensure the manufacturing of our jewelry is free from any questionable practices. We only work with a few hand selected partners, whom we know to be reputable and ethical, to manufacture our jewelry on a small scale.

Better For the Planet

We adopt eco-friendly practices such as using responsibly sourced materials, using recycled silver and gold, implementing efficient waste management systems, and reducing water & energy usage. We use recyclable paper packaging + reusable jewelry microfiber pouch.

Socially Responsible

We proudly donate more than 5% of business profit to charitable organizations. Our team members are paid well and they work in a safe and comfortable work environment. The facilities they work in are compliant with local labor and environmental regulations.

Our Materials & Metals

Our jewelry is hypoallergenic and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Sterling Silver is widely considered one of the safest to wear for sensitive skin. Our gold layer is made of genuine 18k Yellow Gold or 18k Rose Gold.

Our Partners

We only work with a few hand selected partners, whom we know to be reputable and ethical.

We are committed to creating products that not only have positive impacts on our planet, but on the quality of life of the workers who are creating it. Your jewelry is proudly handcrafted by team members from -

Philadelphia, USA

Bangkok, Thailand

Guangzhou, China

Recycled Silver & Gold

90%+ of our metals are certified recycled metals. Responsible Jewellery Council works with suppliers worldwide to create a sustainable supply chain.

Recyclable Materials

Better for the planet: Recyclable paper packaging + Reusable jewelry microfiber pouch.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We proudly offset 100% of emissions from shipping through Shopify. This means that any CO2 released from shipping is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed.