Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose MARIE JUNE?

When you shop with us, you are not only getting original and unique works of art, you are also supporting an ethical, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible small business. By selling directly to our customers, we are also able to offer high-quality materials and craftsmanship without the traditional markups.   

From the initial sketches of our designs to the packaging of your order, we run all aspects of this small business in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. We also design our own website, photograph our jewelry, and communicate with our customers directly. Take a moment to browse and check out our customer reviews, and you will see our love for our customers and our passion for jewelry.

Q: How is MARIE JUNE an ethical, socially responsible, and eco-friendly brand?

MARIE JUNE strives to be an ethical small business. We work hard to ensure the manufacturing of our jewelry is free from any questionable practices. We only work with a few hand-selected partners, whom we know to be reputable and ethical, to manufacture our jewelry on a small scale.

We ensure our supply chain is responsible and our jewelry is made responsibly. Our team members are paid well and they work in a safe and comfortable work environment. The facilities they work in are compliant with local labor and environmental regulations.

We proudly donate more than 5% of business profit to charitable organizations. We believe all businesses, small or large, have the social responsibility to fight for positive change in the society from which they benefit. We believe we all share the responsibility to fight against poverty, inequality, racism, and the lack of basic welfare & infrastructure. Acceptance, respect, diversity, and equality are some of the most important values in our design studio.

We are continuously finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment during our day-to-day operations and manufacturing processes. From recycling all scrap materials (metals, paper, packaging & mailing materials, and even ink cartridges), to selecting recycled or recyclable materials where possible, we try our best to do our part for our planet.

When it comes to production, our partners adopt eco-friendly practices that may include using responsibly sourced materials, using recycled metals where possible, implementing efficient waste management systems, and reducing water & energy usage.

We are always learning. Please feel free to email us with any suggestions you may have! Some of our current goals include transitioning to 100% recyclable packaging materials and using more recycled metals.

Q: What is the Processing time and Shipping time?

Order Processing Info:

  • Processing Time: 0-2 business days, prior to shipping
  • Orders Ship From - Philadelphia, PA, United States OR Lakewood, NJ, United States

Shipping Rates (United States):

  • Free - Standard Insured USPS Shipping (2 - 4 days) 
  • Calculated at Checkout - UPS Shipping (1 - 4 days) 

Shipping Rates (Free International Worldwide):

  • Free - DHL International Standard (5-10 Days)*

*For customers who use a PO Box or whose address is unsupported by DHL, the back-up service is USPS International Mail (8-15 days)

Q: Do you offer free exchanges or returns?

FREE Worldwide Shipping & Returns

Please visit our Returns Center if you wish to start a return or exchange request. 

  • Customers may start a return or exchange request, for any reason, up to 14 days after the day of delivery.
  • Returns are easy and risk-free. Customers worldwide will receive free return or exchange shipping labels.
  • After the 14-day return window, MARIE JUNE offers a 60-day warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

Please note: If you purchased a design through a third-party platform and not directly from my website, you must contact the third-party platform before contacting us.

Please note: The item to be returned has to be in its original and resellable condition. If the returned item is damaged by the customer, we reserve the right to charge an appropriate repair and refinishing fee based on the condition of the returned item (up to 30% of the cost of the item). Further, if the returned item is unreasonably damaged beyond repair, we reserve the right to deny the return. If you received a faulty item, please contact us immediately.

Questions? Click here to visit our Return and Exchange FAQ Page

Q: Where can I see past customer reviews?

Check out all the lovely 5-star reviews from our past customers by clicking the link below.

We take product quality and customer satisfaction very seriously.

We take pride in our astonishing 5-star review rate of 96% which is extremely rare for any brand.

Click here to be directed to Customer Reviews

Q: What comes with my order? Is my jewelry gift ready?

All MARIE JUNE jewelry will arrive in an exquisite gift box and will come gift-ready. If you have special instructions, please leave a note at Checkout by clicking on the button "Add a note to your order". Your order will also come with a high-quality jewelry storage pouch for each item, a jewelry polishing cloth, as well as a pamphlet with jewelry care and customer service information.

Q: What warranties do you offer?

Customers may start a return or exchange request, for any reason, up to 14 days after the day of delivery. Returns are easy and risk-free. Customers are also eligible for free return or exchange shipping labels. After the 14-day return window, MARIE JUNE offers a 60-day warranty against any manufacturing defects. This may include but is not limited to, flaws, defects, loosened pearls or gems, defective gold-plating, premature failures of earring posts, etc. Your warranty does not include damage caused by everyday wear and tear, by accident, normal metal oxidation; or through misuse or damage due to abuse and neglect. If you feel that your jewelry requires repair due to a manufacturing defect, please contact us at with a description and photographs of the issue. We are here to help!

Q: My skin/ears are sensitive, is your jewelry hypoallergenic?

Our hypoallergenic jewelry is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic jewelry minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction, using high-grade materials such as Sterling Silver and Gold. Our silver and gold alloys are without any commonly known metal allergens such as Nickel, Tin, Lead, Brass, etc. Our gold layer uses high-quality genuine 18k Yellow Gold or 18k Rose Gold. Silver and gold are widely considered the safest to wear for sensitive skin (along with other noble metals such platinum and rhodium).

Q: How do I size my fingers?

Please click to print out the attached ring sizing chart on 8.5x11 paper without any scaling and adjustment to the image. Follow the illustrated instructions on the sizing chart to measure your ring size.

Q: How is MARIE JUNE jewelry made?

Most of our designs are made using a complex 3D-printing process combined with traditional mold-making and lost wax casting techniques.

First, we prepare our design file with 3D digital modeling programs. Our design is subsequently 3D-printed in a wax-like material by a specialized 3D printer. Once the 3D print is finished and carefully cleaned up, liquid plaster is poured around the wax model to form a mold. After the plaster hardens, the wax within the plaster is melted away, and the choice of metal is poured into the cavity of the mold. After the plaster is washed away, the jewelry is then thoroughly cleaned and hand-polished to perfection. Lastly, we perform final finishing and quality control before packaging the jewelry in a gift box!

Q: Can you tell me more about the materials of the jewelry?

A detailed description of the materials used for each design is located on each design's respective product page.

We always strive to use the best materials that are available at the current price point of our designs. By selling directly to our customers, we are able to offer high-quality materials without the traditional markups.

Most of our designs are made in Sterling Silver and coated with a very thick layer of genuine 18k Yellow Gold (10x - 15x thicker than the average gold-plated jewelry).

Q: Where are you located? Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?

MARIE JUNE design studio is located in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. While we do not have a brick-and-mortar store just yet, we do stock with several retail partners, such as the Wolf and Badger stores in NYC and Los Angeles, where you can see and try on our designs in person!

Q: Can you change my address or order after it has been placed?

Please contact Customer Service immediately if you have questions about changing or canceling your order. We will try our best to accommodate your request as long as the order hasn’t shipped.

Q: Tracking shows Returned to Sender due to insufficient address, what should I do?

Please contact Customer Service Once we receive the returned package, we are happy to send it out again.

Q: Tracking shows delivered, but I don’t have the package.

If the tracking system says your package is delivered, but you don't see it, please take the time to look around and check all possible areas where mail could have been dropped off. For example, check with your building office, check with your neighbors, check behind or underneath any objects where mail could have been dropped off, etc. In some cases, the package may show as 'delivered' but could take an additional 48-72 hours to arrive. Please also review and confirm whether or not the address provided for the order is accurate. 

If you are still unable to locate the package, you are advised to visit your local post office (which should be the one that regularly delivers mail to your specific address) and ask for an update by providing the tracking number. Missing packages are often found in this step. If you are still unable to locate your missing package after following these steps, please contact us.